Matthew Robinson - Symmetry and the standard model: mathematics and particle physics

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  • Titre Original: Symmetry and the standard model: mathematics and particle physics
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While theoretical particle physics is an extraordinarily fascinating field, the incredibly fast pace at which it moves along, combined with the huge amount of background information necessary to perform cutting edge research, poses a formidable challenge for graduate students.

This book represents the first in a series designed to assist students in the process of transitioning from coursework to research in particle physics. Rather than reading literally dozens of physics and mathematics texts, trying to assimilate the countless ideas, translate notations and perspectives, and see how it all fits together to get a holistic understanding, this series provides a detailed overview of the major mathematical and physical ideas in theoretical particle physics. Ultimately the ideas will be presented in a unified, consistent, holistic picture, where each topic is built firmly on what has come before, and all topics are related in a clear and intuitive way.

This introductory text on quantum field theory and particle physics provides both a self-contained and complete introduction to not only the necessary physical ideas, but also a complete introduction to the necessary mathematical tools. Assuming minimal knowledge of undergraduate physics and mathematics, this book lays both the mathematical and physical groundwork with clear, intuitive explanations and plenty of examples. The book then continues with an exposition of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, the theory that currently seems to explain the universe apart from gravity. Furthermore, this book was written as a primer for the more advanced mathematical and physical ideas to come later in this series.


From the reviews:

&ldquo-Symmetry and the Standard Model is the first volume of a planned series of at least four volumes &lsquo-intended to teach math to physicists.&rsquo- The book applies basic group theory to quantum field theory, including the standard model of particle physics. The intended audience is upper-level undergraduates and beginning graduate students &hellip- . As a textbook, it is probably best suited for an elective course for math and physics majors &hellip- . Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals.&rdquo- (M. C. Ogilvie, Choice, Vol. 49 (7), March, 2012)

&ldquo-A remarkable collection and collaborative effort to convey to an inquisitive mind most of what is required today to acquire an understanding and appreciate the salient facets of the exciting subject of particle physics as well as the involved intricate mathematics. &hellip- an excellent example of many experts working together to finally come out with an exemplary book of immense use. &hellip- will be most useful helping the scholars to quickly achieve progress of study and research in a unique area of intellectual endeavor.&rdquo- (Paninjukunnath Achuthan, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1233, 2012)

From the Back Cover

While elementary particle physics is an extraordinarily fascinating field, the huge amount of knowledge necessary to perform cutting-edge research poses a formidable challenge for students. The leap from the material contained in the standard graduate course sequence to the frontiers of M-theory, for example, is tremendous. To make substantial contributions to the field, students must first confront a long reading list of texts on quantum field theory, general -relativity, gauge theory, particle interactions, conformal field theory, and string theory. Moreover, waves of new mathematics are required at each stage, spanning a broad set of topics including algebra, geometry, topology, and analysis.

Symmetry and the Standard Model: Mathematics and Particle Physics, by Matthew Robinson, is the first volume of a series intended to teach math in a way that is catered to physicists. Following a brief review of classical physics at the undergraduate level and a preview of particle physics from an experimentalist's perspective, the text systematically lays the mathematical groundwork for an algebraic understanding of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. It then concludes with an overview of the extensions of the previous ideas to physics beyond the Standard Model. The text is geared toward advanced undergraduate students and first-year graduate students.

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